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RE: Sporting Equipment ?

Richard, Can't help on the "sporting equipment" side but suggest it might
be worth asking an airline for the definition. Amateur radio equipment is
incidental to travel as would be skiis, surfboard, 'cycle etc. You'd
get away with antenna etc but the main rig may not quite meet the

Some words of caution.
Security do not like HTs but permit cellphones! Remove the batteries and
pack the antenna and other accessories in your luggage.

If you try to take on board something of value which may attract the
of security, have someone at the airport with you to take anything of value
back home. If security confiscate anything they deem an illegal carry-on
you will never see it again!

DO NOT pack laptops in your luggage. They have (or did have) a habit of
self anihilation which the airlines now refuse to cover. This may also apply
other equipment with larger liquid crystal screens. I'm not sure why this
and no "experts" have been able to help. The only difference is handling and
temperature, holds are presurised the same as the cabin but the temperature
get well below freezing on long flights. (If you worried about shipping an
animal in a cold hold be assured they make sure they are in a special heated
Its a check we always carried out when the hold load-sheet arrived.)

Always pack your bag knowing it will be dropped serveral feet or just over a
It amazing how well things actually survive the baggage handlers juggling.

Note what the aircrew use for bags, hard cases are far better than soft.
Crew are
more experienced at travelling than anyone and have probably lost their bags
often - that's personal experience talking!

73, Terry,  ZL3QL.

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Let me clarify my request.

I often travel with ham gear and always carry the sensitive bits (rig, psu
etc) in my shoulder bag with the antennas, cables etc in the suitcase. It
gets a softer ride and avoids the weighing machines (standard trick eh).

But since 9/11 they are more touchy about what goes in shoulder bags; if I
bubble-wrap the gear and put it in the suitcase they seem happier ... but
then theres the risk of being overweight.

No problems with customs: in the event of problems (or potential ones) I
head for (or ask for) the guy with the most pips on his shoulder (less risk
that they're trying to prove something to the boss) and show my licence
I carry separately). I'm not trying to avoid customs - just excess baggage

My question is specific: has anyone any experience with the "sporting
equipment" clause related to baggage weight. This comes from the extra
restrictions since 9/11.

Richard W L Limebear G3RWL
FOC # 1188

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