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Re: patent jokes?

On Saturday 09 March 2002 02:14, Phil Karn wrote in "Re: [amsat-bb] 
patent jokes?":

> I'm proud to say that I regularly infringe this particular patent
> every day with Hal, our black American shorthair. I and many other
> people have done it ever since the first laser points were sold, long
> before this novel "invention" was ever filed with the patent office.

There's prior art, too. I used to tease my cats with a HeNe gas laser 
back in the early 1970's, long before laser diode pointers were common. 

I also recall being at a convention of science fiction fans in those 
days, and, from a balcony ten stories up, teasing *people* entering and 
leaving the hotel. Of course, this was before the appearance of an 
unexplained laser beam implied the possibility of a firearm at the 
source end...   

 73 de Maggie K3XS 

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