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Re: Heat instead of solar power

On Fri, 8 Mar 2002, William Leijenaar wrote about Peltier junctions for

> Maybe this is some kind of idea to use instead of solar panels, or maybe in
> combination with solar panels to convert the solar panel heat into
> electricity. The elements can also be painted black on the hot side and
> white at the cold site, and then power an microsat(?)

Yes, I have wanted to do the analysis for such an amateur satelltie just
as an interesting exepriment.  I got all ths stuff together and tried to
get one of the students interested in completing the engineering analysis
as to the worth of such an approach, but never got one interested.  And I
havent had time to piddle with it.  One reason we didnt get far with is
defining the hot and what is the cold side?  On anything we could build we
wouldnt have attitude control and so could not predefine what each side
was which.

SO we figured to just make half of all 6 sides of our cube be WHITE and
half be Black.  Then internallly thermally bind all the WHITE half-faces
with the black-half-faces and put the Peltier junctions between.  It
looked like a Rubix cube inside, but would be one way to get a one-way
heat flow on an unstabalized spacecraft..

de WB4APR, Bob

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