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RE: station program - FOD Track


I am sorry but I am unable to help you here. The source code for TSP got
lost several years ago, ... the compiled version is all that remains. It is
for that reason that I placed the program in the public domain, and dropped
support for it.

I'm copying this reply to the BB in case someone else can help you out. 

Paul, VP9MU 


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Hi Paul, Congradulation for the STATION program.
I have a problem using station with the fodtrack interface
When I test the interface, only the elevation works and
nothing happen on the azimuth. The fodtrack interface
require a signal on pin 1 and 14 of the parr port to switch
between azimuth and elevation data. I use the fodtrack
version 2.4 and I don't have that problem. Can you check
that and let me know If I am wrong.
Thank you!
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