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Re: Linux Help

Couple pointers - take them as they apply:

1st - Use a newer distro RH 7.2 is out and quite nice.

2nd - Durring installation, the option to create user accounts was offered. Whatever usernames were entered there - with their mathcing passwords - is what's typed in at 'local host login'.

3rd - It is possible to complete the install with only an active root account. If there are no user accounts, they'll need to be created by root using 'useradd' (man useradd for more info)

4th - Most important, get a book such as "Red Hat LINUX Unleased" or one fo the SAMS books covering the distro and version being used. It'll cover all these issues as well as some others that haven't cropped up, yet...

One of many web sites that may fill in for (or replace) the above mentioned book(s): http://www.linuxnewbie.org/nhf/index.html

Good luck!!


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