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Linux Help

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From:   K.J.EATON, 101334,1401
To:     AMSAT- BBS, INTERNET:amasat-bbs@amsat.org
Date:   07-03-2002 16:23 

RE:     Linux Help

Apologies if this request is of topic - however it associated with some
amateur satellite programmes.
My colleague and I have both decided to look at using Linux for some
software applications, but having obtained the software
have become rather unstuck at the start following installation.

The Linux is Redhat 6 .0 (hedwig)
Kernel; 2.25 - 22 on Is86.

The problem to do with initial setting up and access - it is a stand alone
system and not networked.
Having installed the software we get the prompt  for  -   local host login.
followed by a prompt for a password.
The password is not a problem as we can set that up of course, however we
do know what we should be typing in for the prompt
for local host login.

Have tried typing in some possible words that we thought might be ok but in
each case the local host log in rejected.   Our own 
set password is of course accepted.

Would appreciate any help with this problem which  most likely has a simple
solution.   A reply direct would be appreciated as
it will not disturb the flow of traffic on the bbs.
Many thanks.
Ken Eaton
Amsat - NA
Amsat - UK  
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