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XR0X and KH1 Satellite operations; with IC-W31A

I'm going to XR0X, leaving today, and will be able to do a little UO-14
operation, but can't recall how to set up my IC-W31 memories for
crossband operation, and can't locate the manual.

Can someone email me directions for that setup?

BTW, I've come real close to not taking anything along for satellite
operation.  I'll be going to KH1 three weeks after I get back from
XR0X, and would like to take a AO-40 rig along.  It has just become
clear that I'll have the luggage space for this, thanks to KW4DA, who
is getting the HF radios there, on his own dime, without us having to
use luggage space for them.  

I'd appreciate help in getting the antennas together for that.
I have an IC706MKII and a MKIIG, with the satellite interface for
tuning them together, and a 70cm uplink antenna, but haven't gotten
the 2.4G downlink stuff together.  I'll probably be able to read
email for the next few days, but then will be back home on the 3rd of

Any help would be appreciated.

73, doug

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