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Re: Spacewalk Frequencies?


The same tranceiver is used on the orbiter for air-ground comm during
the approach and landing phase. Since they must communicate with more
traditional aircraft type facilities during that phase they must use
AM to be compatible. The EVA suits were just built to be able to
communicate with the air band tranceiver.


At 22:26 03/06/2002 +1300, Sil wrote:
>Ron WA4SIR wrote...
>--- snip ---
>>The frequencies are:
>>259.7 MHz
>>The mode is AM by the way.
>--- snip ---
>I looked on the list supplied by our MED-RSD ( kinda like the US FCC) and 
>these frequencies are listed as International Military, which more-or-less 
>makes sense. Can some one tell me why NASA chose AM?

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