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RE: Satellite predictions?

Hi Martin,

You can try http://www.celestrak.com/columns/v04n03/ and start from there.
Also check out http://www.open.hr/space/pdf_library/ and look for the
"Spacetrack report no. 3 Models for Propagation of NORAD Element Sets"
(it's a .pdf file).

Good luck,

Andre PE1OIG
Andre Theelen   PE1OIG   QTH: JO20WX
e:pe1oig@pe1oig.net w:www.pe1oig.net

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Thus spake "Martin Grundy"
> Hallo...
> I am interested in how satellite predictions are made, not just one
> the very good software packages that are available, but the maths
> involved.
> I have read the "formats" and the "kepmodel" web pages from amsat.org, but
> I would be grateful if someone on the list could point me to a reference
> that explains the mathematical equations involved to go from the
> Keplerian Elements to actual predictions.
> Why?  Just interest...
> Thanks in advance, M0ADY.

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