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Re: Satellite predictions?

Thus spake "Martin Grundy"
> Hallo...
> I am interested in how satellite predictions are made, not just one
> the very good software packages that are available, but the maths
> involved.
> I have read the "formats" and the "kepmodel" web pages from amsat.org, but
> I would be grateful if someone on the list could point me to a reference
> that explains the mathematical equations involved to go from the
> Keplerian Elements to actual predictions.
> Why?  Just interest...
> Thanks in advance, M0ADY.

I would recommend getting hold of a copy of the 'Satellite Experimenter's
Handbook', by Martin Davidoff K2UBC. It's published by the ARRL, but should
be available through the RSGB or other UK channels. Chapter 11 has all the
formulae you need, along with some pretty good descriptions as to their
relevance. He also gives a summary of basic tracking equations, limitations
thereof, and refinements for a more accurate model. The ISBN is
I wrote a bunch of Matlab code several years ago using this info, and it
gave very good results.

Be careful when searching for stuff on the Web. There is a bunch of data out
there, but a lot is inaccurate. A good library is still a better resource,
in the opinion of this dinosaur.

73  Alf  NU8I
Scottsdale AZ DM43an

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