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Re: TH7-D question

On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Jim White wrote:

> So questions:
> Has anyone had this sort of problem and what did you do to fix it?
> Is my diagnosis reasonable?
> How can it get the B radio to essentially ignore flow control to/from its
> attached PC?
> Is it possible to get these radios into unproto mode so I can just
> communicate between them using UI frames?

Donno if these are what you want, but they may help:

1) The Internal TNC was designed for mostly the UNPROTO APRS application
and "packet mode" was only meant to extend the TNC out the serial port so
you could hook it to an external PC (still running APRS and only using UI
frames).  Yes, you can use it in connected protocol, but it has some

1) MAXFRAME is always 1.  So only one packet can be outstanding at a time.
2) AX25LVL2 is always ON.  So there are POLE and CHECK packets exchanged.
3) Its a 3 wire interface (phone plug) so there is no hardware
   handshiking, only software.  But your PC may need some handshake pins
   jumpered.  I would think that you can send it an XFLOW OFF command
   to turn off all serial port flow control?
4) To control PCsat (which takes a remote sysop connection), we added an
   exxternal TNC to our D700 simply so that we could turn AX.25LVL2 OFF
   and set MAXFRAME up to 4.
5) Try turning TNC button off and then back on and see if you get a
different "reset" than a power on/off of the radio.  Also, do a master
reset of the radio (you lose everything) and see if that changes your

Good luck.

WB4APR@amsat.org, Bob

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