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Re: Garmin Rhino

> KC7ZRU wrote:
> Until that response indicates a patent is granted - it's just two words
> and a 'dah'. Even then, with the prior art documentation, it'd be an
> easy target to shoot outta the sky.

Easy, perhaps, but not inexpensive.  That's one reason why so many companies
take advantage of the ignorant clerks at the USPTO.  I'll never forget an
incident which occured while I was working at Network General who makes a
very popular ethernet packet capture/decoder called the "Sniffer".
Naturally, it also time-stamped the packets it was capturing and, in
addition to correlating protocol requests with responses, would calculate
the time deltas associated with them.

One day we received a letter from an attorney informing us that we were
infringing on his client's patent on calculating deltas between two
timestamps!  We checked, and sure enough, he had been granted just such a
patent (Talk about prior art!).  Our CEO was outraged and ordered legal to
do whatever it took to overturn that patent.  A quarter of a million dollars
later and we had only completed discovery and interrogatives.  This shocked
our CEO.  When he asked how much more it would cost to take this fight to
its conclusion, he was informed it could easily total another $500K!  He
then asked how much the guy wanted for a "license".  The answer was $150K.
We settled.

There's a lot of scumbags out there profitting of our our USPTO's vast
technical ignorance and the high cost of litigation.



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