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Re: 9600bps satellites via a Soundcard


> On Tuesday 05 March 2002 19:02, Howard Long wrote:
> > Tonight I finally got the proof that you can work even 9600bps
> > PACSATs under Windows with a soundcard and no TNC.
> Hmmm. That holds out some hope for the Tom Sailer's soundmodem code
> then. I gotta build a 9k6 cable for my FT-847...

I have been using Tom's user mode code on my Sun Ultra 60 (Solaris 8) with
no problems to monitor PCSat and the ISS.

What is really nice is that you can have a single audio feed from the
radio for PCSat and have both a 1200 baud AFSK modem running and a 9600
baud FSK modem running at the same time so that you can capture both
transmissions from the satellite.

Just for fun (and in the spirit of learning) I also have a version of the
1200 baud AFSK demodulator written in Java (based on Tom's code) that uses
the Java Sound API's for getting the samples.    I am now working on the
9600 baud FSK demodulator.  I already had a TNC interface that provides a
socket interface for other applications to receive and send packets so it
was easy to make this available to the rest of the applications.  Not
tried any of this on a PC running Linux or Windows yet.


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