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SWR on a receive-only antenna

Gentlemen & Ladies:
I have read my VHF antenna book until I am blue in the face.
I seem to remember that in a receive-only antenna the SWR is of little
consequence. IS THAT CORRECT?

I am building a two element antenna (driven and a reflector) spaced at 0.18
wavelength. I am using a strip line element technique using 3M 1/4" copper
tape on the face of a Plexiglas structure. I am strip lining back from the
driven element about 4" to the BNC connector. The inherent impedance of the
antenna is in the neighborhood of 20 ohms and will be fed with RG6. The
field tests show a gain within .25DB  of a commercially available antenna.

Any thoughts?

Gunther Meisse

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