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ISS Packet Monitor on Hawaii

One thing that would be useful is someone to write a special ISS Qualtity
Control Program that will monitor the ISS packet performance on a routine
basis.  This program would run on a PC in Hawaii (or other similar Island
surrounded by 3000 miles of water and no other users).

It could perform the following automatically (without interfering with the
small number of users in that 10,000,000 square mile footprint).

1) Ping a 5 Watt packet once every 30 seconds and count successes.  This
would give a measure of overall sensitivity and system performance.

2) If the packet transmitted was an APRS object packet of the ISS position
and the digipeated packets are plotted on a map as they are digipeated,
this would easily reveal any antenna pattern skew inherent in the system.

3) Spend 15 seconds on each pass, connecting, and dowloading the PMS
message list (last 10 entries) and automatically putting that on a WEB
page...  Thuse everyone in the world could see whats on the PMS without
anyone having to connect just for the list.

4) Other maintenance stuff.

What a great location for assessing the system without any QRM on the
uplink!  Of course this program would need to be endorsed by the ARISS
team before going on the air to make sure everyone agreed that it was

Oh and run a second copy on a Laptop in Diego Garcia in the middle of the
Indian Ocean and the ISS would never be more than an hour or so out of
view...  Total hardware required is a THD7 5W HT and a laptop.  We could
mail it to them and just say "plug it in"... (to an internet port, and

Just an idea...

de WB4APR, Bob

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