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9600bps satellites via a Soundcard

Hello Douglas

Tonight I finally got the proof that you can work even 9600bps PACSATs under
Windows with a soundcard and no TNC.


OK a cheat as this was not 'live' it was using a 33Mb KO-25 WAV file I
recorded earlier.

It's early days and there's lots and lots of tarting up to do yet: it's very
messy at the moment. Plus you have to start everything up in just the right

In the end the glue-ware I put together is a TCP server listening to WISP
via Serial/IP and simultaneously talks as a TCP client to AGWPE. There's
also some KISS escape sequence stuff to worry about which AGWPE doesn't

Somehow AGWPE is nowhere near as good as my hardware TNC at decoding frames:
I played that same WAV file back into the TNC and it was decoding a lot
more. Perhaps unsurprising considering the relatively low sample rate on a

73 Howard G6LVB

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