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Sensors for in Space.


I am working on an MODE-B transponder, and it has an CW beacon in it.
The system works fine, but I am thinking of expand it by includin some 
sensors, and send out the values via the CW beacon.

The beacon is made of an little microcontroller. Unfortunatly there is only 
little space, so sensors have to be very small.

I know there are some sensors that give out data via I2C, like temperature 
devices in cases like SO-8 (8 pin SMD)
What I would like to measure is some kind of radiation, like gamma, rontgen. 
In normal house electronics these kinds of radiations are never (as I know) 
measured, and getting sensors easy is a problem.

Maybe someone knows if there are, maybe for commercial use, little 
integrated circuits that can measure this ? Maybe also give out I2C ?

I am also open for accurate and small size temperature sensors types with 
I2C output. Or ideas for measuring some other physical values...
PS: Measuring light is a problem, as the transponder is inside the 
satellite, and the sensors have to be inside the transponder box.

73 de PE1RAH, William

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