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Re: FT-847 and USB-to-Serial Converter

On Tuesday 05 March 2002 04:57, Phil Karn wrote:

> So treat them as two separate radios that happen to be in the same
> box, each with a single VFO... :-)

I thought about that...but they still do share some resources: the 
serial channel and the antenna ports, in particular. And the FT-847 can 
be taken in and out of "satellite mode", which I'm modeling as a 
"full-duplex" mode; similar to running a split, but with an awareness 
that the same box can be doing RX and TX simultaneously...just not in 
the same band. 

Shoot...just realized I'm going to have to invent a "disallowed 
configration" exception: to be thrown when you ask a radio to do 
things like work full-duplex within the same band: mode U/U, for 
example. That's a no-no unless you really *do* have two radios--and a 
boatload of isolation between uplink and dowlink.

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