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Re: FT-847 and USB-to-Serial Converter

On Monday 04 March 2002 21:03, Steve wrote:

> So can anyone really give an answer to the original question? We have
> had several comments about how "I don't have this radio or operate
> that OS" and "This other software doesn't do this and the CAT is
> terrible".

Well, pardon the topic drift. Maybe someone has dealt with your 
particular issue and will speak up.   

> Does anyone know about using a USB to serial converter on WinXP to
> control a FT-847?

What I do know about serial-to-USB dongles under Windows for rig 
control is: when my lifepartner NG3P ran more than one of them on 
Windows 98 in her station, every time she booted up they'd come up as 
different COM port numbers...a permanent PITA until she converted to 

She *was* successful running her ICOM 746 though one, once she 
configured to match "today's address". There's certainly nothing 
magical about the FT-847 serial interface that would make it any 
different from the ICOM 746 at that level...unless you count the 
pinout, of course. It seems I still end up dragging out the breakout 
box *every* time I work with a serial interface.     

Hopefully the USB support in XP is better and the addresses are 
stable--but I suspect the legacy *shortage* of logical port addresses 
"COMn:" may still be there. While my machine does have USB ports, it 
also has a 16-port serial PCI card, which appears to the OS as 
/dev/ttyQ1a1 -> 16.

 73 de Maggie

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