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Ultimate DX


When I am right there has been one vehicle before the Voyager I and II.
When I'm right it was a russian type, but it damaged because of the very 
high radiation of ?? (one of the planets hihi)
These data were used to make Voyager I and II.

They still send data, with their (300W PEP?) 8,4 GHz, into 3,7 meter dish. 
With 7,2 kb/s. They also transmits on 2,3GHz (13cm :-) with 40 bits/s, but 
it is not in use anymore.

The voyagers running on their nucleair battery, because sunlight s to liltte 
for powering hehe. I heared the project is going on till 2020.

Look at this web-page for some more info and pictures of the Voyagers:


Read here about the Voyager and pioneer 6-9 and pioneer 10, 11:
Here you can read about the distances, and about the systems, still working 
after more than 30 years !!! Very interresting to know...


These are real satellites. Not these throw away devices of today...

73 de PE1RAH, William

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