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Re: FT-847 and USB-to-Serial Converter

>I still think the guy who designed the FT-847 CAT interface codes 
>should be boiled in oil, though.

I don't know about the CAT interface, but if it's anything like the
Icom interface...

>It will be a pleasure to start writing 
>drivers for other radios...starting with ICOM IC-746 and possibly 
>following up with Elecraft K2. Of course, I have to *build* the K2 
>first. :-) 

I've noticed that whenever radio manufacturers design a control
interface, they toss in the kitchen sink in some ways but still manage
to leave out crucial features. You'll have dozens of commands all
relating to the radio's obscure scanning and frequency memory
features, but you won't have any way to set the FM squelch or the FM
RF transmit level, for example.

If you're going to design for multiple radios, use only the absolute
basic commands, those likely to be implemented on every radio: (1)
tune to a frequency (2) set a modulation mode and (3) switch between
transmit and receive (except on receivers, of course). Do *everything*
else in host software: scanning, doppler corrections, AGC, etc, even
if the particular radio you're using implements these functions
natively. E.g., implement LSB/USB switching in DSP with a frequency
inverter; this would let you handle radios like the Icom R-7000 that
don't let you select a sideband remotely. You could also do fine
tuning (<100 Hz steps) in DSP, again to accomodate radios like the
R-7000 that can't tune more finely than that.

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