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Re: FT-847 and USB-to-Serial Converter

On Monday 04 March 2002 06:31, Phil Karn wrote:

> Sure would be nice if somebody made a radio with a single built-in
> USB or Ethernet interface that carried everything between the radio
> and the computer over a single cable -- digital audio I/O, tuning,
> mode control, etc. Just look at what's currently involved in
> connecting even a late-model radio to a computer. One accessory box
> like the MF1272 to connect the analog audio to the computer's sound
> card, another accessory box like the CT-17 to drive the radio's
> control port, and an abundance of wall warts, DC power cables and
> audio cables to pick up RF and create ground loops.

Not to mention the sillyness necessary to key the transmitter 

That's so true. I'm finally back into code on my JHamTune Java 
station-control software project, and realizing how many different 
connections I want to use between radio and the computer. The code 
is shaping up nicely after an unfortunate incident clobbered my source 
from the previous iteration, but the rewrite has been really 

I still think the guy who designed the FT-847 CAT interface codes 
should be boiled in oil, though. It will be a pleasure to start writing 
drivers for other radios...starting with ICOM IC-746 and possibly 
following up with Elecraft K2. Of course, I have to *build* the K2 
first. :-) 

 73 de Maggie K3XS

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