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s band converters, is the rsgb one any good?

hi there,

looking into getting me one of them g3wdg 2.4ghz converters and just
wondering are they worth it. or if anyone else knows of any others that are
good for the same price (£100 ish if a non member).

also, what sort of power is required to get on p3d on 23cms at apogee?

another thing, anyone got any tips for making the g3ruh helix's for 60cms
dishes, ive tryed to make 2 using a 40mm waste pipe like it says on the
g6lvb site, but they come out all over the place. granted im using the thick
core from lighting cable, but its the same diameter. just wondering was
there a difference in ridgidness (if thats a word).

thanks :)

Scott Elliott

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