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Re: 2.4 Ghz wireless network adn Mode S

> My family is taking in a high school student as a guest for a few months
> until his family's move is completed.  He is bringing a computer that he
> would like to have internet access with.  We currently have a three 
> computer
> network in our home, but will need to do considerable rewiring to 
> accomodate
> the additional computer.  I am considering going the wireless network 
> route
> using a 2.4 Ghz wireless network.
> Outside (about 12-feet above) our future guest's room is my tower with a
> Mode S dish.  Am I asking for trouble?  If so I will take the extra 
> trouble
> and rewire the house.  Any comments are welcome.  Thanks in advance.
> Kevin Smith
> FN00be

If you already have the network (especially if you have a router already 
installed and configured), pulling another Ethernet drop would be more 
tedious but less expensive and less likely to raise the noise floor on 
2.4 GHz than an 802.11 WAP.  If it were me, I'd string an added drop, 
but that would also depend on how many free ports you have on the switch 
and how long the cable run would be (and how pretty you want the drop to 
be -- it's easy to drill a hole in the ceiling and dangle the cable down 
behind a bookcase if you don't care too much about appearance, much more 
of a hassle to fish down the wall and bring it out at an RJ-45 wall 

802.11 is pretty broadband -- it will raise the noise floor a few dB 
across the band but won't be too band on any particular frequencies.  
Depending on whether the WAP or the wireless cards are in your S-band 
antenna's sidelobes, it probably won't affect your radio equipment that 
much.  YMMV ..

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