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271H, 471H, CT-16 for sale

I figured I'd give the list a shot at this stuff before putting it up on

ICOM 271H, two meter multimode transceiver.  Does SSB, CW & FM.   One
hundred watts out (variable down to ten watts).  Includes optional
built-in AC power supply, computer interface, standard hand microphone
with up/down switches.  CTCSS encoder.  Can power a preamp via the coax
cable.  Excellent mechanical, electrical and cosmetic condition.
Original owners manual.  The only glitch is the S-meter lamp is burned
out.  $550 plus shipping.

ICOM 471H, 70cm multimode transceiver.  Same specs & accessories as the
271H except 70cm and 75 watts max output.  Even the S-meter lamp works.
Also $550 plus shipping.

ICOM CT-16 satellite interface.  Ties the two radios together and
provides for normal and reverse tracking.  With manual.  $85 plus

Buy all three items and I'll knock $50 off:  $1,135 total.

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