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saerch for rare connector

Michael Olbrisch wrote:

I find myself in need of a connector.   It is an N-connector,  MALE-N to
Panel Mount.  Quite the opposite of what is usually available.

Anyone have one for sale?  Know where they might be found?
I have E-mailed Cable Experts and The Wire Man.  I will report
on my findings.

For those of you that decide to do the AIDC-3733 and 13ULNA
arrangement, this connector will make it a bit easier.

Wayne replies:

I have the exact connector you describe, for the exact same application.
You can buy it from DEM.  It's $13, and called a "male N 3/4 flange".

I put it on the output of the DEM 13ULNA preamp to allow a direct connection
to an AIDC-3733.  This minimizes the mechanical load on the G3RUH patch
feed.  I also wish I had ordered mine with the preamp.

Don't buy a full-size N-male flange connector.  It doesn't match the hole
pattern on your DEM preamp.

Wayne Estes

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