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Re: re: Ebay-bb , er amsat-bb , which is it ?

At 11:19 AM 3/2/2002 -0800, Douglas Cole wrote:
>Ok , so why is it this guy is allowed to continue to spam this list ?

One might give him the benefit of the doubt, and assume that 2.4 GHz 
equipment is interesting because it might be adapted to operate on AO-40. 
Or not.

I wonder where "continue" came from. There was just one posting.

>When I first subscribed to this list , I was given the impression that it was

Where did you get that impression? If there was some official AMSAT web 
page or literature that mislead you, I will go change it. The AMSAT-BB 
mailing list is not moderated, the sense that a human would look at each 
message posted to a moderated list and decide whether or not to allow it.

Moderation really slows down the discussion. This list would be much less 
useful if moderated, though its signal to noise ratio would be higher. At 
least, it would be if you agree with the hypothetical moderator's 
definitions of signal and noise.

The mailing list is supervised and operated -- by me -- but not moderated.

All messages are supposed to be related to amateur radio satellites. 
Amateur radio from manned space vessels is on-topic on the SAREX mailing 
list. Non-commercial "for sale" messages are OK as long as the equipment is 
related to amateur radio satellites.

73  -Paul

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