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Announcing UPW 1.07B - Uplink to Pacsats for Windows

Announcing UPW 1.07B

What is it?

UPW is a computer program that will allow a computer and a soundcard to
generate a signal that can be digipeated through the Amateur Radio
PACSAT satellites.   UPW handles the creating of the special Manchester
coded uplink signal for the satellites.  No TNC is needed.   

Where is it?

What do I need?

A computer running Windows 95 or 98 (2000, ME, NT, etc not yet tested).
A soundcard
Your latitude and longitude (or a GPS attached to COM1)
A two meter FM radio transmitter
Circuitry that will key the transmitter when COM1 DTR is raised

What do I do?

1.  Run UPW. 
2.  Enter your callsign and your SSID.
3.  Select a "TO" callsign  (if you aren't sure, leave it as "APRS").
4.  Select the satellite you wish to digipeat through (for example, PACSAT).  
UPW will set the proper satellite callsign once you have selected the 
satellite by name.
5.  Select the proper TXDelay for your radio.
6.  Enter an comment.  This is optional.
7.  Connect a GPS to COM1 and click on "Get NMEA" (or don't connect
a GPS but just click on the button "Enter GPS" to manually enter 
your latitude and longitude without a computer).
8.  Connect your soundcard audio output to your radio microphone input.
9.  Connect COM1 DTR to your radio PTT through the proper circuitry.
10.  Wait for the satellite you selected to be overhead.  Use a 
satellite tracking program if you aren't sure.
11.  Click on "Transmit".  UPW will send up to 20 packets (at about one
every minute plus or minor a few random seconds).  You don't have to do
anything else.  You can quit early by clicking on "Exit".
12.  If the satellite hears your signal, and it is over your local horizon,
and it has it's digipeater function turned on, then the satellite will
digipeat your packet on it's downlink.


UPW isn't a full blown PACSAT modem (yet).  It only transmits
packets to the satellites.  It doesn't receive yet.   It sends only
AX.25 packets in a format that is understood by the APRS network.
It only sends Manchester coded packets that the 1200 baud PACSATs
understand.  If you want to use a GPS, it must be on COM1.  If you 
want UPW to key the PTT line, you have to have the circuitry 
connected to COM1 DTR.  UPW works with the PACSATs (PACSAT,
LUSAT and ITMSAT).  The PACSATs are different from PCSAT.

More information about UPW is on the web at 


See you on the birds,
Douglas KA2UPW
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