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re: Ebay-bb , er amsat-bb , which is it ?

On Friday 01 March 2002 20:31, General Failure wrote:
> Hello:
> After an overstock purchase, I have a few 2.4 Ghz. spread spectrum
> PCMCIA network cards for sale.
> These are NEW, UNOPENED and are being sold at below cost of $119.00.
> I offer a pair for $120.00 shipping included CONUS.
> Specs are as follows:

Ok , so why is it this guy is allowed to continue to spam this list ?

When I first subscribed to this list , I was given the impression that it was 
moderated , and I hoped for this , since I subscribe to other lists as well .
After many years of being with this list in the last year I have seen a 
marked increase of OT postings to it , what gives ? , is the moderator 
getting overloaded ? , Does he need help ? ( I volunteer to be list cop ) , 
as I want to know more about amateur satellite info , not car installs , junk 
sellers postings , miscellaneous opinions with no certain purpose and of 
course the never ending "quote the whole thread just to say "yup"" postings 

Whatever happend to email ettiquette ??

Anybody know what list rules are ?????
Or are all we interested in today is our own selfish interests ?

Sorry , I have been on the internet too long I guess , and I have seen a 
total degradation since the advent of html email :^P

And yes , the type of postings that I complain about are double duty , cuz 
they then generate my type of postings , which further fill our inboxes with 
crud !

whew , guess I need to toss these pc's and start farming non-gmo potatoes ...

all replies to this thread will go to /dev/null

Douglas Cole N7BFS
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