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RE: 9600B with MFJ-1278 TNC

Hello Dan

Following on from others' remarks...

> Is there a G3RUH modem for 9600B (or higher speed) sat use
> that can be installed in my MFJ-1278 or used externally?

I have the MFJ-9600B G3RUH Modem installed in my MFJ-1278BDSP which I
purchased a couple of years ago. The same dealer I used (www.wsplc.com)
still show them in their current catalog. Do a search on 9600 and it shows
up - although strangely not if you key in MFJ-9600B or 9600B.

It's a bit fiddly as Cliff mentioned, and I found it worked better if I
supplied it with its own radio jack rather than hijack one of the two on the
MFJ 1278 already.

If your TNC is an older unit, you may find it doesn't directly support
19,200baud at the RS-232 port, needed to avoid data overruns at 9600bps
radio data rate. There's a mod available for this.

> Two more:  Is there a setting/option in Wisp32 that will
> allow connection to the TNC

Yes. The TNC is based on a standard TNC-2 but you will have to select the
radio port and select the correct mode prior to allowing Wisp to use it. I
think you can configure Wisp to do this but it's an area I never delved

> or soundcard via the AGWPE packet engine?

A tough one. It's early days but I am investigating a similar situation. The
problem here is that Wisp only knows about TNCs connected to COM ports.
AGWPE has various modes of operation, but will only listen on TCP ports, act
as a DDE server of directly via a Win32 API.

So you need some Glueware.

Here's the stack I'm attempting to implement...

1  Wisp configured to talk TheFirmWare [aka WA8DED] to a COM port
2  Tactical Software Serial/IP Virtual COM Port ##
3  G6LVB TCP Server to TF2AGW API **
6  Soundcard
7  Radio

## www.tacticalsoftware.com.
** What I'm writing

I'd like to combine 2, 3 & 4 when time permits.

73 Howard G6LVB

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