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Re: DXCC on RS-12 OTH by N4ZC

Thanks for sharing Roger's story.  I first worked him 10-09-93, 1830, and 
logged "Roger, Charlotte, NC., 68 countries on RS-12, 2 beams @ 100'' "  That 
was unimaginable to me at the time, as I was using an FT-890 in spit mode 
into an inv-vee on my roof :-)  He was one of the 25 or so contacts I had 
that year before I boxed up my gear and moved around for several years.  I'm 
glad I looked it up, because my memory of that contact was that he told me he 
had stacked, rotatable 10 m beams at 100, 125, 150, and 175' height.  Over 
the years, I guess either I confused that contact with another or, like a 
fish, it just grew each time I told the story.  I also recall Roger asking me 
about my license, since I had a 2x3 call at the time... or was that some 
other contact?

I still have in my files from those days that got me interested in trying the 
Steve Ford, WB8IMY, "Working the Easy Sats,"  QST, Sept. 1992, pp. 30-34.
Walter Daniel, KE3HP, "Getting Started With RS-10,"  QST, Aug, 1992, pp. 
Douglas A. Loughmiller, KO5I, Phase 3D:  High Performance on the Horizon, 
QST, March 1992, p. 87.

.. and downloaded from a local BBS (remember those?):
Weekly OSCAR Status Reports:  28-Aug-93
Listen To and Operate the "EAsy Birds"
Quick Track output downloaded for Houston
ANS 240.01, Phase 3D Status Report, 28-Aug-93

Jerry, K5OE
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