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PCSAT BBS and special traveler

Speaking of Flying BBS's (ISS, etc):

Our first remote traveler has applied for PCsat access for his 18 hour,
300km trips in the most northern remote areas of Canada.  As such, he will
be the first user of several PCsat APRS features:

1) He will use a special uplink to digipeat his packets down on 144.39.
2) His pos/status will be captured and relayed later over N.America on .39
3) He & handlers will use the PCSAT PBBS for exchanging packet mail

This is PCsat's mission, but it only works out of range of the USA, Europe
and other hot spots where the remote users do not have much congestion
and can use the PBBS without retries, dupes and failed connects.

For example, a download of just a 7 line Mail-For List which times out,
can result in 70 packets being transmitted before the lost connection
times out.  This will kill PCsat's batteries each time it happens.  This
is why NO ONE is authorized to use the PBB on PCsat except those
with special training and who are in remote areas.

But if you are planning such travels, take your D700 or D7 with you and
send us a reservation for access.

de WB4APR, Bob

 On Mon, 25 Feb 2002, James Ewen wrote:

> Darrel VE4DS-9 is going to be running his truck between Yellowknife and
> the Diavik Diamond mine. The route is 18 hours one direction, and there
> is nothing up there for APRS... He's running a D700 in his truck...
> You're not going to get much further out into the boonies than Darrel
> will be!
> James

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