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Re: TH-F6A and VHF SSB

Last December, I heard AO-40 MB and SSB QSOs clearly with TH-F7 using
1.1m umbrella dish, 15dB LNA and modified Drake convertor(2401->145MHz),
and made some QSOs. MB was decoded with this system.
The problem is wide SSB filter. There were some QRM from near stations.

I like TH-F7. It is good for 2nd AO-40 RX system.

TH-F7 is Japanese model of TH-F6A.

>To follow a similar line of discussion, has anyone tried this rig with 
>an unmodified Drake (or equiv.) with AO-40?  If not, has anyone tried 
>using a conventional 2.4G downconverter or AO-10?

JN1GKZ Masa   Tokyo Japan
   jn1gkz@jamsat.or.jp     http://www.din.or.jp/~m-arai/

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