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Re: VHF Soundcard packet on FT-847 (solution)

One important thing to note is that BUXCOMM offers two different models of
soundcard interfaces for the FT-847 - one for the "PKT" port (Model R-FTMDIN)
and one for the "DATA IN/OUT" port (Model R-3). My mistake was to purchase the
wrong interface, luckily I am getting the correct cable from them to fix mine,
so I can use it for FM packet.


Don Woodward
AMSAT 33535

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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] VHF Soundcard packet on FT-847 (solution)

On Wednesday 27 February 2002 04:52, Don Woodward wrote:
> There are two "data" interfaces on the FT-847. The "PKT" port (6-pin DIN)
> is for VHF and the "DATA IN/OUT" (3.5mm jack) is for HF - I was trying to
> use the "DATA IN/OUT" port  for VHF, but it is for HF only. BUXCOMM offers
> interfaces for both, I just purchased the wrong one for what I wanted to
> do.
This is incorrect , yaesu caused quite a bit of confusion on this one by
labeling them the way they did , the data port is for SSB mode data
communications ( band doesn't matter ) , the pkt port is for FM mode data
communications ( band doesn't matter)  , plain and simple .

If you have two radios , one to listen to the '847 as you tx , then tx on a
dummy load , you will see for yourself , that that is how they work :^)

And Howard is correct , you will need to watch your tx level into the radio
in the non-9600 baud mode , if it is too hot it will give a symptom of no
transmit at all , when in fact its just because you are overdriving it ...

Have fun packeting !

Douglas Cole N7BFS
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