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RE: VHF Soundcard packet on FT-847

Hello Don

> According to what I read in the FT-847 FAQ, the
> Data in/out port is HF only. Is
> this correct?

The data in/out is for digital communications like RTTY and PSK31 where the
radio's mode is set to USB or LSB, whereas the Packet port is good for AFSK
and 9600 FSK communications (ie, radio is in FM mode).

The reality is that for receiving, you can use either the Data or the Packet
ports**, albeit at different levels. For transmitting however you need to
adhere to the guidelines in the previous paragraph.

[** except for 9600 FSK where you must use the Packet port].

The reason that the Data port is often (misleadingly) referred to as the HF
data port is solely because PSK31 and RTTY tend to be HF & SSB modes and
packet tends to use VHF & FM modes (but certainly not exclusively).

> Then my only choice if I want to work ISS and PCSAT via this radio, is to
buy a
> hardware TNC?

Nope, you can wire up your sound card to either the Data port or the Packet
port, but take care over the different levels required especially in
transmit on the packet port which is very picky if the level's too high -
basically it won't transmit! For ISS and PCSat, as they're AFSK FM modes,
you'd need to wire your soundcard up to the Packet port.

73 Howard G6LVB

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