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Re: UPW on PSK bird (was AO16 MixW2.0 Screen Capture)

In a message dated 02/25/2002 2:46:35 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
howard@howardlong.com writes:

>No, I've not had any luck with this either. But I should say that 
>I didn'ttry very hard. However all is most certainly no lost: if you 
>use Doug KA2UPW's program http://members.aol.com/dquagliana/upw/ 
>you can uplink with that.
>73 Howard G6LVB

   I should qualify this by saying that the version of UPW I have on the web
is the one that was written for APRS use.  It's really expecting that you 
have a GPS connected to COM1 and it's designed to send a packet to
one of the PACSATs (you choose) with an APRS style packet and a
user comment.  I have a later (unreleased) version that does not require
that a GPS is connected to COM1, but it expects you to manually 
enter your latitude and longitude so it can build the APRS packet.

If there's interest (again) in transmitting to the PSK satellites, email me
off the list and I'll put the newer version and directions up on the web.  
If there's a lot of interest, I can code up something that just transmits an 
arbitrary text string that the user enters.  

Let me know if you are interested.

Slightly offtopic question: does anyone know how I can 
interface my code to WISP?  How can I get WISP to send 
and receive its data on a TCPIP socket instead of  a 
COM port? a DDE?  (or: does anyone have source code 
for a COM port device driver that will hook an arbitrary 
COM port for both send and receive?)

Douglas KA2UPW
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