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U band getting into S band

I have just finished assembling a mode U/S station and tried some CW 
transmissions for testing purposes. I am hearing my 70cm signal directly on 
the 13cm receive. This is a Norsat 2500 fed from a BBQ dish via a DEMI 
13ulna. I have successfully decoded beacon telemetry when the squint is 
reasonable, so I would assume the receive side is doing OK. The uplink 
antenna is an 11 element M2 yagi that had ~20 watts input. The antennas are 
approximately 4 feet apart on a PVC "T", mounted in a tripod. The power for 
the D/C and LNA are fed on the RG-6 receive feed line.

Any suggestions on where to start troubleshooting?


Jeff Hite

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