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Re: Senior Moment - InstantTune for RS-12/13

Hi Keith,
I just got back from vacation and I didn't see any other
responses to your question so here goes. The information
about the commands is in the InstantTune manual. The current
version is "itune109.doc".
You can also just type:


at the DOS prompt and get the list of commands.

The command to change the transponder mode is:


Where SATELLITE is the satellite name as used in the
Keplerian elements and TRANSPONDER is the transponder name
given in the itune.cfg file.


There aren't pre-configured transponders for RS-12 mode K
or RS-13 mode T so add this into the RS-12/13 section of
your "itune.cfg" file using DOS edit or Windows notepad
(you can cut and paste this):

;##### RS-12 mode K #####
satellite RS-12/13 12K		; RS-12 mode K
transponder -8.2008		; mode K transponder
beacon 29.408 cw

##### RS-13 mode T #####
satellite RS-12/13 13T		; RS-13 mode T
transponder -124.603		; mode T transponder
beacon 145.865 cw

Then, to change satellite RS-12/13 to transponder RS-12 mode K
you would use:

	itune mode RS-12/13 12K

To switch to RS-13 mode T, type at the DOS prompt:

	itune mode RS-12/13 13T

Note that Mode K will not work on an FT-847.


Tony AA2TX
At 01:38 PM 2/21/02 +0000, you wrote
Having a senior problem trying to remember the command string to load a 
particular satellite mode with Instant Track. As you know, RS-12/13 offers 
many mode possibilities and I have quite a few configuration files for it 
that came in Instant Tune. My understanding is that if you don't specify 
the particular config file to load, it brings up the first one it finds for 
that spacecraft. What I have not been able to locate in the IT docs is the 
DOS command string  to load a config file that's down from the first one 
listed for a sat. Can anyone help out, I would appreciate it. Keith N4ZQ

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