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RE: TH-F6A and VHF SSB [was TH-F6 and UHF SSB]

> Therefore, what i was trying to find out is whether a TH-F6A 
> would make 
> an adequate receiver for AO-40 using a Drake-type downconverter and a 
> modest dish (or equivalent).

That part, I can't answer for sure, but the evidence I've seen suggests that
with a 2m IF and a downconverter, it probably would work OK.  The biggest
problem would be the wider IF bandwidth.  A 70cm IF would suffer from phase
noise, going by the reports I've seen on the BB.

> Agreed again.  I've worked AO-27 on the HT i want to replace using its
> stock rubber duck and a chain-link fence as a reflector (and later did
> so routinely with a long rubber duck).  However, that 
> approach requires
> a reasonably quiet RF environment, though, and is not 
> recommended for a
> beginner.  It may not work very well in urbanized areas, either.

Hmm, I haven't had problems with the RF environment.  The trick is getting
enough downlink signal to work with... :)  And yes, works best for the
advanced experimenter.  Beginners and casual users are best off with a small
beam - makes life so much easier.

Myself, I'm looking for a cost effective way to get some power on 70cm SSB
and my d/c outputs into the 2m band.  I think I have that part covered (have
an old transverter which seems to no longer Tx that I could use to get the
450 MHz IF to 2m).  Antennas are no hassle, got lots of choices for both
70cm (home brew) and 2.4 GHz (dishes and grids).

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