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RE: AO16 MixW2.0 Screen Capture

Hello John

> One thing I'd forgotten was to switch off the DSP function in the IC706.

If anything will mess it up, that will!

> Must be my failing grey cell but I could have sworn I needed to be using
> USB but a try with LSB caught the above - also switched manual tuning to
> 1Hz steps and it was much easier to keep the display where it should be.

BPSK uses differential encoding so whether it's USB or LSB shouldn't matter:
e.g., a '1' implements a 180 degree phase transition and a '0' doesn't. A
caveat to this is that if you use an AFC and you get USB/LSB the wrong way,
the AFC will end up compensating the wrong way.

73 Howard G6LVB

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