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I don't think this is correct. A 1/4 wave 2 meter antenna (about 19")
works as a 3/4 wave antenna on 70cm. Although a 3/4 wave antenna has a
fairly good match to 50 ohms (unlike a 5/8 wave that requires a matching
network)it doesn't have a very good radiation pattern for land mobile
use. It may very well out perform a 'rubber duck' but it won't perform like
a 5/8 wave antenna.
Steve AI7W

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A quarter-wave whip for 2 meters works great as a 5/8 wave whip for 
436.  They actually give pretty good SWR across the upper half of the 
440 band, for HT's at least, and they will give you a phenomenal 
increase in receive sensitivity above a factory rubber dummy load ..

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