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TH-F6A and VHF SSB [was TH-F6 and UHF SSB]

    While I agree that full duplex is much better for working satellites, you 
    don't need a full duplex rig to work same. Two separate rigs will work, and
    can do a better job in some cases. Like me, you may have an old 2m or dual 
    band HT kicking around. That, in combination with a new rig may become your
    full duplex setup. IOW, if there's a specific rig you have in mind for 
    other reasons, don't let the lack of full duplex put you off. There are 
    other ways around that problem. 

Agreed, as i suggested indirectly in my original posting.  Thank you for
being clear that using two rigs also can work as well. 

Therefore, what i was trying to find out is whether a TH-F6A would make 
an adequate receiver for AO-40 using a Drake-type downconverter and a 
modest dish (or equivalent).

    Works for me, and when I am using whip antennas, I can independently adjust
    Tx and Rx orientation for best operation with the bird. :-) Whips on UO-14 
    you say? Well, down here, that's a piece of cake, even with only 1.5W on 
    the uplink... :) 

Agreed again.  I've worked AO-27 on the HT i want to replace using its
stock rubber duck and a chain-link fence as a reflector (and later did
so routinely with a long rubber duck).  However, that approach requires
a reasonably quiet RF environment, though, and is not recommended for a
beginner.  It may not work very well in urbanized areas, either.

			         -- KD6PAG
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