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Re: AO16 MixW2.0 Screen Capture

In article <001d01c1bdac$f502cab0$96f1fea9@bedroom>, Joel Black
<jbblack1@earthlink.net> writes
>For those of you interested, here's a link to a screen capture of AO16's
>downlink using MixW2.0:
>    http://home.earthlink.net/~jbblack1/ao16capture.JPG  (about 115k)

Very helpful, Joel. At least I know that I am seeing the correct sort of
display even if I haven't managed to decode anything yet. Next pass in a
few minutes.

One thing I'd forgotten was to switch off the DSP function in the IC706.


PACSAT-1>AMSAT>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):
January 2002
Happy 12th Birthday to AO16 and LO19
S-Band OFF, Digipeater ON
Uplinks on 145.900 .920 .940 .960
AO-16 Pacsat owned and operated by AMSAT-NA (WJ9F)

PACSAT-1>TIME-1>UI,?,F0 (1199 baud):
PHT: uptime is 743/14:26:28.  Time is Mon Feb 25 18:09:50 2002

Must be my failing grey cell but I could have sworn I needed to be using
USB but a try with LSB caught the above - also switched manual tuning to
1Hz steps and it was much easier to keep the display where it should be.

Now to grow that third hand and arm :)

Many thanks to you and Howard, and of course to the authors of MixW.

  QRV 6m 2m 70cm 23cm  Member: AMSAT-UK BATC RSGB UK6mG

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