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RE: TH-F6A and VHF SSB [was TH-F6 and UHF SSB]

> When i went over to HRO considering this rig for QRP satellite work, 
> according to the folks behind the counter, while it does have dual 
> receive, alas it is not full duplex.  In my opinion, one should not
> work AO-27 (or worse, UO-14) without a full duplex rig because you
> can't tell of you're stepping on someone (or that one is getting out

While I agree that full duplex is much better for working satellites, you
don't need a full duplex rig to work same.  Two separate rigs will work, and
can do a better job in some cases.  Like me, you may have an old 2m or dual
band HT kicking around.  That, in combination with a new rig may become your
full duplex setup.  IOW, if there's a specific rig you have in mind for
other reasons, don't let the lack of full duplex put you off.  There are
other ways around that problem.

Works for me, and when I am using whip antennas, I can independently adjust
Tx and Rx orientation for best operation with the bird. :-)   Whips on UO-14
you say?  Well, down here, that's a piece of cake, even with only 1.5W on
the uplink... :)

On another note, I've tuned up an antenna for 15m, so I'm ready to try for
RS-13 Mode T over the VK/ZL region. :)  Looking forward to a few QSOs. :)

I could hear myself in tests last night down to about 5 deg elevation. :)

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