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Urgent Packet Software Project needed

As you know, The Space station is back on line with its PBBS (Personal BB
System).  As has been demonstrated over the last 10 years, the use of a
single-user PBBS in space is not efficient as each of hundreds of
individuals want to log on and download the same messages.  But in
the brief 8 minute passes, only one person per pass can use it, and only
if he  has 2,000 W ERP to get all of his ACKS back up to the PBBS.

The net result is 99% of everyone fails.  And we are shooting ourselves in
the foot when we bring this guaranteed failure (99%) to demonstrate at
schools etc.  Frustration runs Rampant, and everyone floods the AMSAT-BB
with EMAIL complaints.

What we need is authors to write CODE on the ground that will suck-up
every packet coming down from ISS and heuristically build a "mirror" for
the PBBS in all ground user software.  THus, everyone gets a copy without
transmitting a single packet.  We could even have this all feeding a
central WEB page mirror site!.  The Mirror will have the same "look" and
"feel" of the on-orbit PBBS and will allow everyone to have a look and be
able to read it.

THus we will gain the efficiency of the PACSATS because every message will
be uploaded only ONCE and only downloaded ONCE if any.

Notice, I have not said a thing about "what" would be in the messages...
That is a political issue I wont touch, but there needs to be a
significant FILTER.... But that is another subject..

But we need SOFTWARE to build the mirror site.  We have all the RF, IGates
and Internet connectivity IN PLACE to make it work.  All we need is
someone with the time to write the collection software and WEB page front
end (java)...

In the mean time, all software writers of UI code should also write
collection software to do the same thing.  THus everyone monitoring the
downlink captures and builds his OWN copy of the flying PBBS.  Thus,
his users DONT need to each connect to download the same thing.  They all
just capture it on the fly...

THis is essentially what the PACSAT protocol does well, but we must
implement it on the  ground and we are stuck with the fact that the PBBS
on ISS is  conventional.  I'll try to add a PBBS capture page to my
PCSAT.EXE programs as soon as I find time...

I dont have anything against the PBBS necessarily, but we must find a way
to cut down on all the useless connect-requests and reject-busy packets
and multiple duplicative downloads of the same packets... if we want this
to be a "success".

de WB4APR, Bob

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