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TH-F6A and VHF SSB [was TH-F6 and UHF SSB]

When i went over to HRO considering this rig for QRP satellite work, 
according to the folks behind the counter, while it does have dual 
receive, alas it is not full duplex.  In my opinion, one should not
work AO-27 (or worse, UO-14) without a full duplex rig because you
can't tell of you're stepping on someone (or that one is getting out
at all).  I believe that is necessary to work mode J-FM effectively.
So i was still considering this rig, but to utilize with a second
rig for transmit.  Obviously this will be necessary for SSB operation
since the TH-F6A is combination conventional FM-only HT and all-mode 

To follow a similar line of discussion, has anyone tried this rig with 
an unmodified Drake (or equiv.) with AO-40?  If not, has anyone tried 
using a conventional 2.4G downconverter or AO-10?

			    -- KD6PAG
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