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I figured I should tell everyone (since there has been interest in the past 
with the JavaScript Helix Calculator) that I bit the bullet and payed for 
some web hosting.  (Thanks for the tip, Mr. Fossum!)

Anyway, my site is at http://www.fredspinner.com and the ham radio
related stuff can be accessed more simply by accessing http://w0fms.org
(or alternatively by http://www.fredspinner.com/W0FMS, or 

The pages there are about the same as was on @Home when @Home worked (as far 
back as last Sept/Oct) but unlike @Home, the url's don't change from session 
to session.  So if you bookmark the "Helix Calc" page, it will always be in 
the same place.

I'm going to redesign the site next weekend (or the weekend after in case 
something comes up), and at that point I'll add as much detail that I know 
about AO-40 feeds, helices, and patch feeds/antennas as I know.  So if your 
interested in that sort of thing, check it out in the next few weeks.


Fred W0FMS

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