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Digital test via AO-40


Just now (02/24/2002) via Ao-40 I have done some test with my friend Gianni 
My test was transmitt in SSTV mode and PSK31 mode BPSK.
The first one don't was good due to problem with Sync of the Gianni's 
software and we can try later.
The second one in PSK very good result, with only 4watt output from my 
IC-810H and abt 40mt of RG213, antenna 13El cross yagi in 70Cm all message 
text was received.
The satellite had Squint angle 25, MA 53, and range abt 44000Km.
There was one station answer me in SSTV but signal for me was very weak 
because my reception antenna is blind for Az 160-180.

thank you by Andrea IT9GSV@amsat.org

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