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RE: OSCAR 16 TNC - How to RX with MixW 2.03

Hello John

> Setup: IC706 MkIIG, 18el linear polarisation, sigs up to S8 with deep
> fades a few times on each pass

I'd have thought that would be fine, assuming your feeder is fairly short or
you have a preamp. FWIW my setup is 9+9 element cross Yagi with a preamp at
the mast.

> I'll keep trying and hope something clicks into place. I'm using the
> speaker OP as I do for all the other modes but am now thinking that the
> aux audio OP would give a cleaner raw signal.

Maybe: I'm using one of the speaker outputs of a TS-2000 but it's a
separately driven output, not in parallel with the speaker itself.

Previously you said that this was your first time trying to RX the digi
birds. I was wondering if the ISS or PCSat may be easier for starters as
they're standard AFSK on 2m so (a) the Doppler is a lot less and (b) any
minor Doppler deviation has little affect on the ability to demodulate

73 Howard G6LVB

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