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Re: OSCAR 16 TNC - How to RX with MixW 2.03

Hi John (and all)
> Setup: IC706 MkIIG, 18el linear polarisation, sigs up to S8

It's probably worth mentioning that it is quite possible with a strong PSK
signal to lock perfectly onto the wrong sideband! That will give you a
perfectly centred signal all through the pass, and wont decode a single

> I need more hands or dragging into the 21st century and trying a
> bit of automation!
More hands would be nice :-)   I dont know if the 706 supports computer
control, but many rigs do these days, and there are designs for home brew
interfaces readily available. I use an "open loop" approach - with up to
date keps, clock accurate within about a second, and accurate location, my
software will calculate the frequency to within about 100 Hz or so of ideal
(and atmospheric effects etc mean you cant do much better than that) That
decodes MOST packets during a pass.

I can generally decode packets if the signal is at least one S point above
the noise. I use the G3RUH modem - other modem designs claim to be able to
track and decode signals below the noise. I imagine the software approach
would also.

Hope this helps


Steve, vk5asf

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